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Excavation Services

Serving the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel and surrounding areas.

Dennis DeWolf Tractors provides excavating services to many satisfied customers in Florida and the Southeastern states. We are the most efficient and most involved land clearing and earthwork excavator in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC possesses the best, most modern excavation equipment you can find in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg or Wesley Chapel, Florida. If you have an excavation project or land clearing project that needs a professional, skilled firm, Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC is the right choice for you. We can handle the simplest excavation projects or the largest, most complex excavation projects, and we treat them all the same way because we know how important your project is to you, your company or your organization.

Dennis DeWolf Tractors proudly offers the following excavation services in the Greater Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg areas:

Tree Clearing:

Do you have trees interfering with lines in your yard, posing problems, or do you simply have dead trees that need removal? Are annoying tree limbs destroying your roof, your gutters, walls or destroying your view? Do you simply have a tree down on your property? Call Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC, the most effective tree removal specialists in Tampa Bay, St. Pete and Wesley Chapel. We take great pride in our ability, our competitive rates, and our experience and skill when it comes to removing trees. Whether you have an anoying overhanging branch or a plot of trees that need removal, Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC can help.

Lot Levelling:

Dennis DeWolf Tractors are lot leveling specialists in Tampa Bay, St. Pete and Wesley Chapel, Florida. We provide excellent lot clearing, lot leveling, excavation and grading services to many satisfied customers. We also tackle tough site preparation and land clearing projects. If you have a leveling, development or construction project contact Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC, right away.

Land & Site Cleanup:

Land and site cleanup might sound simple, but anyone who has ever been involved in a large construction or large cleanup project knows that's not the case. Cleaning and clearing a site can often be the toughest part of the job. Dennis DeWolf Tractors LLC, has the skill, experience, staffing and equipment to handle any land or site clean up job. We'll do it quickly, effectively and on budget too.

At Dennis DeWolf Tractors, we take land clearing, excavation, mowing and land clearing seriously. We understand the need to stay on budget and we respect time constraints. Whatever your unique needs might be, please contact Dennis DeWolf Tractors at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to help.

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